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Our Environmental Policy

Nelson Aggregate Co. is committed to balancing the protection of the environment. We recognize that long term sustainability of our industry requires conservation of resources and management practices that minimize impacts on the environment for the benefit of future generations. All employees are responsible for including in their work, the actions necessary to achieve this commitment.

We will adhere to the following principles:


  • Operate, and manage our operations in compliance with applicable environmental permits, regulations and laws. More specifically:

    • Undertake progressive rehabilitation initiatives for all pit and quarry sites and ensure compliance with approved Site Plans.

    • Ensure that the procurement, storage and handling of all materials will be done in a responsible manner with regard to applicable regulations.

    • Conduct blasting operations in compliance with regulations and in a manner to minimize impact to neighbouring property owners.

    • Reduce particulate emissions from roadways and processes through the use of suppressants and engineering controls.

    • Reduce noise emissions through operational scheduling and engineering controls.

    • Undertake operational audits on a routine basis in order to ensure initiatives are being met.

  • Work with government and the public in the development of new policies, regulations and laws that affect the sustainability of our industry and protection of the environment.

  • Conserve non-renewable resources through actively recycling where permitted by the aggregate license conditions.

  • Promote and improve employee awareness of environmental matters, this policy, and their ability to implement this policy.

  • Document and respond promptly to any agency or public complaints.


- 2013

Read about how we are employing Drones to survey our Quarries and improve the development of water management plans for each Quarry.

Recycling with Nelson Aggregate

For more than two decades, Nelson Aggregate Co. has been recycling used concrete & asphalt building materials. These clean but used materials mainly come from roads, sidewalks, or building structures that have been repaired or replaced. Recycled materials are crushed and blended to produce new granular road-base materials. Our recycling efforts have diverted thousands of metric tons of materials from taking up valuable space in municipal landfills and help to extend a valuable natural resource.

Used building materials are brought into the quarry and are stored in stockpiles until they can be crushed. The incoming materials are closely monitored to ensure they consist of only approved, recyclable materials. The following types of specified materials may be brought in for recycling: Concrete (un-reinforced or reinforced) and Asphalt (slabs or grindings).


Nelson Aggregate Co. is committed to conducting its business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. In accordance with site plans; waste rock, overburden topsoil and any MOE approved clean fill, will be used to develop suitable safe slope angles for rehabilitation of the quarry or pit face.

Progressive and final rehabilitation are legislative requirements under the Aggregate Resources Act. Rehabilitation cannot be left until the site is depleted and must proceed as stated in the License Site Plan. Nelson Aggregate takes many steps to rehabilitate an area. Fill is applied to remove the steep cliffs for the safety of both people and animals. Earth is brought in to provide areas for foliage. Trees and shrubs are planted and waterways created to create natural self-sustaining ecosystems for plants and animals. Many of these areas then become park land or animal reserves which help sustain the environment.

A significant portion of the Burlington Quarry has already been rehabilitated. Rehabilitation can create new natural heritage resources including forests, lakes, and wetlands. A terrific example of a successful mining operation that has completed its operation and is now fully rehabilitated is Kerncliff Park.

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